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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Shooting and hunting are great sports that we’ve inherited from our forefathers. America is pretty unique in this regard. But it’s up to us
act responsibly and set examples for the next generation. Just because
I build you a custom rifle that will shoot 1,000 yards, doesn’t mean
the conditions are right for you to take the shot. A wounded animal
is preventable, and a shot through the hindquarters is the last thing
anybody wants. Help lead the way to ethical hunting, secure gun
storage, safe shooting and sensible concealed carry! Remember we
are the stewards for the next generation and it’s up to us to show ‘em
how to do it right. So shoot straight. And like the man says,
“Thanks for your business.”

- Matt Huston, Gunsmith